Hear From Holly's Happy Clients...

I want to highly recommend Holly Campana to take care of your furry loved ones... Cats, dogs, anything with fur! Holly of Holly's Honeys truly cares for the animals she is hired to take care of. Holly treats the animals as if they were her own. Holly has taken care of my two cats, Kiki and Amber countless time. Our cats are part of our family and we love and cherish them. I completely trust Holly to take care of our furry loved ones and many times Holly has gone above and beyond the call of duty! Holly loves our cats Kiki and Amber and I know they love her. I again highly recommend Holly and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the following number.
Angel Dabadghav

I have known Holly for 22 years. Holly provided loving consistent care for my dog “April” and my cat “Luke”, while I was at work.  She walked her dogs “Jack” and “Mandi” daily & would pick-up my dog April on the way, walking all three of them for the round trip mile. Holly also took “April” with her in the evenings, to the school across the street, and exercised all three dogs, by throwing tennis ball after tennis ball. The dogs interacted and socialized with the many other neighborhood dogs till their hearts content.  Regarding my cat Luke; he got very ill in his older age which was emotionally very difficult for me to go through.  Holly helped me through that experience, and when my Veterinarian recommended Luke have subcutaneous fluids injected twice daily; I needed Holly to provide that service. She was skilled at placement of the needle while holding Luke and monitoring the fluid transmission.  This procedure was time consuming, and having Holly made the process more comfortable for me. Administering these fluids, is what kept “Luke” alive, for nearly a year! Holly’s ongoing commitment, her love of pets and animals is evidenced through her care. Holly is compassionate and competent! I highly recommend her pet care services.
John Guraro

Testimonial From Holly’s Sister

Even as a young child, Holly’s affinity towards animals seemed to attract them to her.  Her family and friends marveled at how animals in need seemed to literally find themselves in close proximity to her, or she, to them.  She would encounter and take in: fallen, injured, lost or abandoned birds, squirrels, baby deer, raccoons, ducks and more.  Holly would carefully nurture and intuitively care for the animals.  She seemed to have wisdom far beyond her years that allowed her the fortitude to stick with her care of an animal until not only was the animal in a better state of health, but also had a proper home.  Many times the homes included special pet sanctuaries, whose focus’ is bringing an abandoned wildlife creature back to health.  Holly learned much through her experiences as a young girl and teen, caring for the feathery and furry creatures of the world.
Holly was raised in an animal loving home where one of her first pets was a Cockatiel, named Wally. He spoke many words and sentences, which our father worked diligently to teach him. One of the statements that Wally spoke often; which Holly still recalls to this day is: “God is Love!” This expression still resonates with Holly because she, like her father, feel that the love animals express, is a gift from God.
Jennifer Campana- Lopez
Holly has been providing care for my two, (22lb), Sulcata Tortoise, and my cat “Meow Meow”… I work 90 hours a week, and have no time to care for them. It’s been nearly four years and Holly has been steadfast in caring for all three pets daily.  She has experience with certain exotics and vegetarian eaters. My two Tortoises’, whom Holly named “Swimmer” and “Big Blue”, are getting outside much more often. They eat a more balanced diet and are receiving regular feedings.  Holly’s service includes cleaning their housing and the excrement outside as well…She carries them back into their warm housing when the weather gets too cool. My cat “Meow Meow became ill twice in the past 8 months. It was Holly who noticed something wasn’t right; I didn’t think anything was wrong at all.  Due to Holly’s suggested urgency, four days later, she finally got me to succumb; and she took him to the Veterinarian.  Although, that trip to the Vet did cost me quite a good chunk of change, I’m glad she convinced me to take action. It was determined that “Meow” had crystals in his urine. Meow was not able to urinate which I learned can quickly become life threatening. Holly dispensed all of his medications twice daily for two weeks. The most recent illness brought him back to the Vet, which resulted in a diet change and “Meow Meow” has lost 2 of the 8 lbs he needs to take off, he’s feeling better and seems much happier.
Holly provides consistent, devoted and loving care for my two Tortoises, and my Meow.
I highly recommend Holly’s pet care services!
D. Dellavecchia

My family chose Holly and Holly’s Honeys to provide personalized care for our Conure Parrot as well as overnight services for him in our Los Gatos home. When our family has taken trips out of the country for a week or more, Holly gave unsurpassed loving care to our bird.  The services we chose for him included two one-hour visits per day. She returned in the late evening to spend the night and monitor our home security as well as tending to the bird’s bedtime needs. Some of the services she provided were fresh preparation of an interesting array of foods, given twice daily, along with his other bird seeds and fresh water. Since parrots like to be sprayed with water, Holly sprayed him, if he wasn’t dunking himself in his water dish. Holly spent a large amount of her time during the visits socializing with him. She cleaned and maintained his large house/cage daily and covered the cage with home-made curtains for his night-time comfort. Although our parrot has a special affinity for my and our son, he also has an interesting temperament. Some of this is exhibited in ways which are “Alpha”, and include him flying into the kitchen, landing on the table and eating food from my plate… and then biting me! Holly continued to lovingly care for and provide for our parrot’s unique needs, even though he would occasionally ‘act out’!  During Holly’s visits,  she also attended to our home needs, i.e.: the security gate closure, mail retrieval, trash, lights and other monitoring equipment; as well as watering the fruit trees and other live vegetation on our property. In my opinion, Holly is a natural caregiver and she’s wonderful with our bird.  Her dedication, respect and attention to detail is impressive. My family recommends Holly because we trust her with our companion/pet, and we trust her with our home. Holly’s Honeys personalized Pet services are outstanding!
G. M.