Milk Bone Menu

Milk Bone Classic - Canine “Walk and Talk”

This option is a 30 min. walk along your pet’s favorite route(s). We’ll pause to smell the roses, “power walk”, meander, or any natural combination. As the client/ owner you know best so, just inform me of your pets needs and off we go!

1-2 Dogs - $21
3-4 Dogs - $31

Milk Bone N’ Gravy - Exercise Program

This option Includes the 30 Min. “walk and talk” plus more exercise i.e.: throwing balls or Frisbee in your yard; a Rollerblade rendezvous with your dog(s). 50 min walking spree; or just spending more quality time at home with your pet(s) 60+ minutes total time spent

1-2 Dogs - $27
3-4 Dogs - $37

Milk Bone Supreme - Customized Playtime

This option can be good for long trips or holidays- utilizing one of the shorter visits in combination. Includes the “walk and talk” exercise choices, or perhaps going to a nearby park. With this selection and client approval I can offer your pet(s) a car ride to a new local venue for a change of scenery and scent. The client may recommend their own option/choice for their pets. Provision for this service is 90 minutes

1-2 Dogs - $38
3-4 Dogs - $48

Menagerie Menu

Birds, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs (Cavys), 
Rodents, Aquatic life, Vegetarian Exotics.

1-2 Pets - $20
3-4 Pets - $32

Specialized Services

Geriatric and Ailing Care
Dispensing and Administering of Medicines
Light Grooming
Nail Trimming for Cats & Dogs
Teeth & Nail Trimming for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
Plus More