It is just awesome when opportunities arise to work with other like-minded people- passionate about making a difference. That’s why when such a time presents itself, I am all for collaborating and working with others, to benefit the animals.

Thank you Holly. It has been fun collaborating with you over the years. I am proud to have you as a featured guest on TheJennieration.com. Let’s get to know Holly and why she exemplifies every quality of a true collaborator- for the good.

Even as a young child, Holly’s affinity towards animals most definitely attracted them to her. Her family and friends marveled at how animals in need would somehow end up in close proximity to her- no matter where she might be. She would take in fallen, injured, lost or abandoned birds, squirrels, baby deer, raccoons, ducks and more.

Holly would carefully nurture and intuitively care for the animals.

Holly’s early wisdom allowed her the fortitude to stick with her care of an animal until she not only brought the animal into a better state of health, but also found them a proper home.  Many times the homes included special pet sanctuaries, whose focus is bringing an abandoned wildlife creature back to health.

Holly learned a lot through her experiences as a young girl and teen, caring for the feathery and furry creatures of the world. She was raised in an animal loving home- where one of her first pets was a Cockatiel, named Wally. He spoke many words and sentences, which her father worked diligently to teach him. One of the statements that Wally spoke often; which Holly still recalls to this day is: “God is Love!”  This expression still resonates with Holly because she, like her dad- knows: the love animals express…is a gift from God.

Holly please tell us how your dream to make a difference with animals has turned into such a beautiful business:

As an Advocate for & lover of animals; pets and wildlife, I was destined to have a role in caring for them. My move from the Midwest to Los Gatos, CA in 1985 was the beginning of the search for my place in life. When I KNEW; I opened my business Holly’s Honeys in the year 2000. We have to be the voice for the voiceless. I care deeply, I am an activist, working with the local communities & through social media to help rescue animals- and have myself fostered many dogs and wildlife in our greater community.

Founding Holly’s Honeys has brought me feelings of joy, knowing I am able to help many in the Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Saratoga, and Western San Jose areas with their Pet needs: Walk & Talks, Menagerie Family Pet Care, Vacationers- In Your Home Overnight Care, Speciality, Exotics, Geriatric and long term Care, Medication dispensation, Puppy Love…and more.

It still amazes me what pets give back with their soul and heart.
I pride myself on Commitment, Dependability and Integrity.

I want to thank you, Jennie from the Jennieration.com for hosting me on this Guest Post Collaborative and considering me a Fearless Thinker.

Jen has been a dependable source of support to me in my business on occasions when Holly’s Honeys has need of an Interpreter or Creative Business Content for my website. We have clients who relocate to Northern California from Spanish-speaking countries, requesting my Pet Care Services. Jennie makes herself available for a conference call or Face Time with my customers at a moment’s notice, to ensure clear communication of pet needs. The best part, we often end up laughing together as she creates a situation that helps both myself and my client feel at ease.

Well, there’s nothing better than this type of connection. We work with no pretense in our purpose and our integrity supports our mission. Thanks Holly. TheJennieration.com looks forward to featuring you in your latest endeavor…coming soon!

If you are interested in the advocacy of animals and want to help be their voice, inform or educate others on a particular animal related topic, Holly is happy to share your mission and feature your efforts on Holly’s Honeys. Please contact her to get a conversation started and make a connection -that will make a real difference. Together is better! Spreading knowledge helps save animals from unnecessary cruelty and abuse. Your story will be featured in Holly’s Guest Posts.


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