About Holly

Holly’s Honeys officially opened for Business in 2000.  Holly has a history of rich experiences with companion pet/animal care, rescue, rehabilitation and home placement. She has been the fortunate “owner”,  rescuer & care provider of many a wonderful Canine and has had the joy of caring for varieties of her own exotic-types, such as hairless guinea pigs, wild and exotic birds, unique breed rabbits, and even a very responsive and highly intelligent young raccoon.

Many pets don’t live to their projected life span, so it is not only Intriguing, but Noteworthy to mention that Holly’s Canine and Menagerie Pets have ALWAYS lived well beyond their years.

Love is a healing and life promoting factor 
-Love Medicine and Miracles by Author Dr. Bernie Siegel MD

Holly is an Animal Advocate.  She works with animal rescues, saving pets and serving communities through Fostering and Re-homing


Clients say:

“She is a genuinely warm, kind hearted person who is committed to the best possible pet care.”

“Reading the testimonials on Holly’s Honeys website mirrored our personal experience with her.”

“Holly resolves unforeseen challenges that may arise, whether they are behavioral, medical or otherwise, and her resourcefulness always produces a positive outcome.”

“Holly is highly intuitive when it comes to companion pets and their needs.”

This is why Holly’s Honeys is based primarily on referrals

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